• Amar Bari -- Ami Gori is an unque initiative in Housing for the Havenots undertaken by BRWS. Why is it Unique –

    1 Belpahari (villages bordering Bengal and Jharkhand) is one of the worst hit areas of Jongolmohol, because of strong Maoist Insurgency.

    2. The lowest level of the Government, Panchayat, got defunct and Political activities came down to almost zero level.

    3. BDO (Block Development Office) nearly became non functional, as life threat spread amongst Govt. officials, hence they stopped visiting people in villages. As result, whatever little development activities began after 60 yrs of Independence, all came to a halt.

    4. In 2010-2011 the area experienced 165 days of Closure/Bunds , usually called by the Maoists.

  • Market Shed
    In the above mentioned circumstances of life risks and financial crunch, BRWS continued its services to people using the local SHGs and volunteers.

    In Kankrajhore village, a Market Shed became a MUST for the farmers. Hence BRWS continued to negotiate with Govt. since December 2010 and finally construction is nearly complete and inaugurated by the Minister. People participated by donating land for construction and working as Unskilled labors. Thus the project Amar Bari -- Ami Gori came into existence.

  • Housing
    A simple low cost House for each family, was long demand of the local people, as they could not afford build one because of rampant poverty. BRWS negotiated with Government, and it was decided to build 48 low cost (EK Lakhi) House in village Kankrajhore, in first phase. The same is nearly complete The beneficiaries participated in providing unskilled labor to build their individual house and earn wage-money, which helped to buy food for the family. This is typical example of Amar Bari -- Ami Gori

    The BRWS developed SHGs and Grassroot organizations, along with Panchayt members worked as Facilitators, resolve Conflicts, Provide accommodation for Masons and undertake close monitoring to maintain Qualty work.Training of local youth as Masons was another activity. This is typical example of Public Private Partnership (PPP). Here Public is the Govt , Private ; the village people and the NGO BRWS together.

    BRWS work was supported through its Clinics and Diagnostic centers run for the Kolkata Middle class, set up out of Bank loans; probably an Exception in NGO world.