Hospital Clinics Rural Health Program Self Help Groups Agro-Environmental Program
Health Care
Hospital Clinics
BRWS supports its projects in the village communities through its income-generating hospital clinic and diagnostic centers in Kolkata that provide affordable health care to urban middle-class citizens.

These facilities currently have 26 beds with an extension facility of up to 50 beds.

In the clinics, specialists are available for consultation and diagnostic services. The facilities also include modern equipment for inpatient care as well as for both general and micro surgeries.
BRWS Rural Health Program
Provides information about safe motherhood, family planning, and AIDS/HIV/STD awareness.

Educates women and students about low-cost nutrition options for their villages.

Trains women to be health workers for each village, which enables the villagers to receive proper basic care when needed.
Women's Empowerment
Self Help Groups
BRWS empowers women in the villages by assisting in the formation of Self Help Groups (SHGs).

Through the SHG program, women collectively gather savings and place them in nationalized banks to create a corpus that generates over time.

When the corpus grows to a significant amount, the group can approach the banks to take out loans.

SHG members can also take out loans from within the group.

These loans are used for starting businesses and various income-generating activities, such as paddy cultivation, small fruit stands, poultry raising, etc.

There are currently 97 Self Help Groups that hold monthly meetings; each with a savings account, a designated leader, a secretary and a treasurer.


Women are able to gain a sense of self-worth through their accomplishments as well as through their increased control of their families' and their communities' incomes.

The Role of BRWS in the Self Help Groups

BRWS conducts introduction training sessions and refresher courses for the leaders of the SHGs. These provide a background in bookkeeping, vocational training, and leadership skills for the women.

Furthermore, BRWS is currently working to facilitate collaboration between the SHG's and their local governments (called Panchayat Raj Institutions) to initiate capital for community improvement projects. The women would therefore play a leading role in building the infrastructure of their villages through their interactions with and suggestions to their local administrative officials.
Agro-Environment Program
BRWS also provides advice and training to villages concerning agriculture and the environment.

Promotes home-based planting of nutritious fruit plants.

Supports multi-cropping and year-round agriculture initiatives to ensure for healthy, nitrogen-rich soil and thus high crop production.

Promotes and educates about organic farming techniques.

Assists villagers in improving land irrigation through the construction of watersheds (small dams, ponds, wells, canals).

Promotes organic farming techniques.